Peanut and banana

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Dogs love peanut butter!
These biscuits are handcrafted with the best organic ingredients.  You can eat them too! That is if your pooch doesn’t eat them first :)They are slow baked to extend storage without using any perservatives.

Nothing better for your sweet doggie’s health!

Oat is an excellent substitute for animals with gluten sensitivity.  Rich in vitamin B5 and B9 and minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, folic acid and biotin. Optimizing a healthy skin and coat.

A source of soluble fiber which contributes to stabalizing cholesterol helping to reduce problems of constipation, diarrea, gas as well as vomitting .

Despite being a source of carbohydrates, oats are highly recommended for overweight dogs due to its high fiber content which helps provide a feeling of satiety.

The fibers of the banana facilitate the dog’s intestinal transit.  They also participate in the feeling of satiety.  The banana presents a good alternative to an intake of salty and fatty carbohydrates, all the more so because they are poor in sodium and cholesterol.

Organic ingredients (local when possible):

  • Whole oat flour
  • Peanut butter
  • Banana
  • Love 🤍

Contains peanuts and may contain wheat.

A perfect compliment to a well-balanced diet.

Always supervise your pet will eating a treat.


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Joshua Monroe-Blanchette
January 2020
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Awesome homemade dog treats, my dog loved them! 100% recommend for anyone who wants to spoil their dogs!
Cooper Nadeau
Mars 2020
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Bought 2 bags of treats for my border collie and she LOVES them, very healthy for the pupp and they adore the taste 100% recommend them to any dog owner!!
Marc Sabius
Marc Sabius
Mars 2020
Read More
J'aime que les ingrédients soient sains et bio. Mais au parc des chiens, la meute qui me suit partout quand j'ouvre mon sac de Billiebone témoigne que la texture et le goût de ceux-ci sont ce qui les rend si populaires. Aussi, excellente récompense de dressage des bons comportements canins.
Paola Tiranardi
Decembre 2019
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My pup loves these treats. He got them for Christmas and is absolutely obsessed with them!

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